Thursday, February 26, 2009

annyeong hi ga seyo chingu~!

20 may 2008..
that was the day when i first knew you..
we were there with one dream..
one hope..
one mission..
flying to south korea, completing our study..
and return to malaysia with the title of 'ir'..
however, life took me to another path..
and it's so clear that i have to leave..
leaving all of you..
leaving behind all our hopes and dreams..
all that i could bring along was memories of beautiful moments that we had gone through together..
26 february 2009..
after successfully completing 9 month of preparation course..
all of you depart to south korea..
annyeong hi ga seyo, chingu..
chonen jei chingurel saranghada..

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

nur amalin mohd noor..

malaysia time: 9.15 p.m.
egypt time : 4.12 p.m.

i am missing you a lot during this moment..
may be the saying is true..
"the further is the distance, the deeper is the love.."
i just realize how much i love you when you are so away from me..
i never have the idea that i'm going to miss you this much; very much..
i cant help stopping the tear from rolling down each time i think of you..
u have been my sister for my whole life..
i adore u'r strength that u show on 15 december 2005..
if i were u, i can go mad; perhaps..
but u show ur credibility of being a good sister and a good daughter..
and a good Muslim of course..
i learn a lot from you..
secretly, i try to be like you..
i truly amaze with ur courage to deafen ur ears from others opinion whenever it is against ur principle..
even if they were our aunts..
even if mama was one of them..
they would say u r stubborn, but i would say u r brave..
there's a lot more that make me adore u..
if it was 2 be listed, the list is going 2 be very long..
because there is so many attributes of yours that i wish longing 2 me as well..
as long as i can remember..
u have done great job in becoming a good daughter..
a good sister..
a good granddaughter..
a good niece..
a good cousin..
n a good servant to Him..
that makes you eligible enough to be in the place where u stand right now..
nothing much left 2 be said..
last but not least..
take care dear..
n gud luck miss doctor-2-b! :)
love you~!

p/s: i wanna b a dr to0..but i hardly love, how eh? (X_x)