Saturday, January 31, 2009

sy tdk suka ini.. :(

post ini akan ditulis dlm bahasa melayu..
kerana ini adalah post express..
ditulis beberapa ketika sblm sy melangkah kaki keluar dari rumah sy yg tercinta ini..

sy sdh taw hari ini sy tdk akn bertolak dgn gembira..
sedari awl lg sdh sy ketahui..
kerana mama mmg tdk akn mgkin maw mghantar sy dan menunggu sy di stesen bas itu sprti hari2 selalu..
tp sy masih boleh terima itu..
masalahnya hari ini berlaku perubahan agenda..
dan perubahan itu amat drastik sekali..
sy akan dihantar ke tanah merah pada jam 6.30 ptg..
sy amat tdk suka itu okei??
bas sy ke sana adlh pada jam 10.30 mlm..
dan sy harus ke sana pada jam 6.30 ptg..
huh..bagaimana itu? :(
nasib baik fara teman sejiwa ku tggal di sana..
sy blh pergi main lompat2 di rumahnya..
huwee~~ kn sopan..
mana boley main lompat2..
ngeh3.. =p
apa yg sy maw tekankan di sini skrg ialah:
abah sungguh pandai..
maniskan wajah..gula2kan sy dgn tiket sponsor utk blk 2 mggu lg..
mmg bunyinya sgt menarik hati..
tp sy letih..guu~~
dan kesudahannya adalah..
harus meningkatkan amaun $ dlm akaun pama sy..
sy suka itu sgt..
**evil laugh**
harus beransur skrg..
slmt tggal rumah..
sy syg rumah dan isinya dan org2 di dlmnya sgt2..

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

mayeeni loves kitchen..haha~!

mayeeni is on her way to be the best cooker in hasnuddin's family..
what a lie..
i cant beat mama's cook and i know i will never can..
i haven't get near the stove for almost 2 days because mama decided to stay at cik's house..
enormous feeling of happiness struck me because i know i dont have to cook then..
however, when we returned home today, i have to get back to the kitchen..
at first, i was quiet excited as i really have to cook on my own for lunch..
bibik cant help me because she was busy preparing meal for mama..

..sesi potong memotong..

everything looked good until..
''waa..aten, xd0p rase pon.."
my sis cried out loud..
how could that ayam masak kicap become tasteless..
just now it taste good.. (2 my taste bud la..hehe ;p)
i was in total perplexity..
how could that kicap ayam taste good in the pan but tasteless in the plate..
so i called my bibik seeking for help..
and then, the problem was solved..
during dinner things get more complicated..
"aten..buat kuah baru la utk ayam 2..bby kato x sdp.."
mama said 2 me..
owh no..that's mean have to cook again..
"and..tlg buat ikan sweet sour..abah nk make.."
what?? sweet sour??
hoho~ that doesnt sound cool to me..
"aten x taw la mama.."
as i said that..
the list of ingridients and way to cook it popped out from her mouth..
so, guiding by my very 'good' memory, i cooked the ikan sweet sour after recooking that ayam masak kicap..

the recooked ayam masak kicap

specially dedicated to abah.. :DD

luck was by my side tonight..
both meal are perfect..
and my family keep praising my cook..
and want me to cook again tomorrow..
wahaha..i am most content to cook for them..
mayeeni loves cooking not so much..
ahah~! ;D

Sunday, January 25, 2009

home sweet home..

finally, after the 7 hours tiring journey, i safely arrived home..
owh..yeah..the feeling was totally indescribable..
hahaha..the feeling was great..
i was jumping happily in my bedroom without realizing there were guests in the living room..
hilanglah segala keayuanku di mata mereka pada saat itu..keh3 ;p
being home, sleeping in my own bedroom, talking to my brothers and sister..
there's nothing much better than this..
i haven't seen my mom since she was operated..
i've been feeling worried about her..
i was afraid that something would happen to her when i was away..
however, thanks G0d that she is fine.. :)
even though mama had prepared a long list of chores for me to be done during this holiday..
sincerely, i dont mind at all..
bibik is always there to lend her hand for me..
so there's nothing to be worried about..
hehehe.. :D
there's really no better place to be on earth other than my lovely home..
well, as written on k.i.'s paper bag:
"home is the place where the heart is.."
and that is simply true..

Thursday, January 15, 2009

if i were a poem..

If I were a poem
Then i would live for eternal
In the heart of those who love,
In the heart of those who felt,
the breeze of the song that I sang.

If i were a poem
Then I would live for eternal
Neglecting the pain of death
Being immortal
Breathing the air of love
Feeling unafraid of being

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

tagged by mrs. pres cayamm.. (^.~)

1.Copy badge '2008 Cute's Blogger Award' untuk diltetakkan di blog anda.
2.Link atau ceritakan kembali siapa yang memberikan award ini kepada anda.
3.Setiap blogger hendaklah menyatakan 10 fakta/hobi diri sendiri sebelum memilih pemenang seterusnya.
4.Anda perlu memilih 10 penerima award seterusnya dan menyertakan nama mereka di blog anda.
5.Jangan lupa untuk meninggalkan pesanan di blog pemenang award ini.

This award was given by mrs pres cayamm. When she tagged me with this award, the first thought that came into my mind was, "Ahaha..i got tagged! ngeh~"

10 Facts about me ;

1) very cheerful yet sensitive..huwee~

2) my most favourite cat for my life time is pow..missing you dear.. :(
3) i'm a pink addicts..
4) i adore love story
5) i'm the eldest of 5..i wonder why people hardly believe this fact..ngaha~

6) i hate assignment..yet damn excited to go to warwick..haha..
7) i love my fuyy0hs damn much..
8) i cant sleep well with the light off..
9) im good in baking chocolate cake..yummy~ ^^

10) every night i'll sleep on farah's bed..wihihi~

Im awarding this award to ;
-no one-

get well soon, mama..

get well soon, mama..
i noe that u r strong..
u've goon through many obstacles greatly..
i'm sure you can win this battle as well..
all the best 2 u mama..
i love you..
Dear Allah, please keep my mum under your blessing..
lotsa love from ur daughter,

[little marini]

Friday, January 9, 2009


one day, i met someone who i had not seen for long..we had a talk on an interesting subject; LOVE..huwee~ she emphasizes on the differences between 'sayang' and 'cinta'..dba sayang love this subject matter so much..ngeh3..she is the one who made me recall the point of my conversation with this person..

the main point that clearly differentiate 'sayang' and 'cinta' is the feeling when one decide to get the relationship over.. she said that if you 'cinta' someone, you willingly will let him go..but, then, if you insisted him to be with you, the kind of feeling that you have towards him is 'sayang'. this is because when you do so, you are being just care about your feeling without thinking of his..she said to me that if you really 'cinta' someone, let him go if he wants it to be so..dont hurt him by keeping him to yourself..everyone deserves the chances of being happy..if you were in love with someone, all the things that you always want is seeing him drowning in the garden of happiness..watching him smiling and might hurt at first but to see him smiling afterwards will cure all the pain in your heart..just believe in good deed would get poison in return..also don't regret when you have let him go..because if he is truly yours, he's gonna come to you again..things may not happen as soon as you wish but still he will come back to you one day because the destiny has stated that
he is yours and you are his..

Thursday, January 1, 2009

suka.cita.gembira.bahagia :D myspace graphic comments

thn baru sdh bermula hari ini..
selamat datang 2009.. :)
namun, hari semalam x akan sy lupakan..
tahun 2008 merupakan tahun yg paling berwarna-warni selama 17 thn kehidupan sy..
kamu maw warna apa?
warna gembira?
warna ceria?
warna ketawa?
warna senyuman?
kamu maw warna yg lebih gelap?
warna kesedihan?
warna kekecewaan?
warna air mata?
warna berdarah?
hmm..itu juga ada..jgn tdk percaya..
cuma sebut saja.
.semua warna itu wujud di atas kanvas thn 2008 sy..

2008 berlalu pergi dgn begitu pantas..
sy tdk sedar akan hal ni kerana terlalu sibuk mencorakkannya..
hidup ini tdk akan menjadi indah jika anda tdk menggerakkannya ke arah keindahan..kan?
salam 2009..