Sunday, May 31, 2009

you are somebody to me..

you are my friend..
no matter what..
you are still my friend..
although i just know for a while..
you are still my friend..
although we can't meet often..
you are still my friend..
although i rarely contact you..
you are still my friend..
once friend, forever friend..
you have to know that i am not a hi-bye kind of friend..
once i say hi to you i would never bid good bye..
unless, you are the one who get rid of me..
then, i have to go..
my friend..
this new relationship that we build means a lot to me..
i may be nobody to you..
but you are somebody to me..
i love you..
thus, i won't hurt you..
i won't betray you..
i may have done something that you dislike..
yes, i admit that i have broken the promise..
thus, i apologize..
with all my heart i apologize you..
so, please forgive me, my friend..
as time flies..
you may forget me..
but i won't never forget you..
because you are somebody to me..
and i love you..

Friday, May 29, 2009

words from jull.

i would love to thank jull for his words on plurk.
jull said:
if u never met him, u would not have liked him.. if u never liked him, u would not have loved him.. if u never loved him, u would not have miss him.. but u did, u do and u will always will.. something or someone that was already part of our life, will always be a part of it no matter what.. we can never forget them. just live life.
his words make me realize that moving on is not about forgetting.
it is just about letting go.
just let it go and let it be.
be happy and enjoy your life.
past is past.
live your life today.
look forward for the future.
yet, hold to the past as memories.
either sweet or bitter, those memories are still worth to be remembered.
because those memories are the one that colour your life and beautify your history.

p/s: i think that i've written about this before..heheh.. :DD

Sunday, May 24, 2009

2nd semester.

frankly speaking, i hate semester 2.
i hate it so much.
it is so full of cheers and happiness.
yet, it is also brings hatred, madness, pressure, stress, sadness, and the list goes on.
it started smoothly at the very beginning.
however, as it comes nearer towards the end, the situation become even more and more difficult that i can hardly cope with the changes.
too many bitter memories to be remembered.
hurm, no.
i'm not going to reminiscence them.
they are too ugly to be seen.
i pray hard that the remaining time for this semester is going to pass by as fast as it could.
i want to go home.
i want to be far away from this here.
i need some calmness.
somehow i wish to be as ignorant as ever.
because sometimes ignorance is just a bliss.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

i'm done with 2 papers..

2 more to go..

Thursday, May 14, 2009

exam mode.

mock exam is so around the corner. now, the tense atmosphere is everywhere. for the first time in two semester, i get the feeling that this course is really challenging. it isn't as easy as it seems to be. contrary to the first semester, the second semester has pulled me a step forward to see what is ahead. before, i don't bother much about this mock thingy. but, as time moves on, i now realize how important the mock exam is..and the pre-mock test during es class this afternoon has knocked me and awakened me from my long dream.

since i attended this course, i never bothered about being the top student in class or getting the highest mark in test. the only thing that keep lingering in my mind is to pass the exam or any test that i have to sit. this is because i feel very inferior. i found that my other friends can use English very well. they really deserve to be in here compared to me who have more passion in chemistry than English. yes, I did love English but i'm not a master in it. i can't speak fluently. my writing is just a so-so pieces of writing. My grammar is poor and i just have no talent in understanding literature. this has really make feel hopeless and therefore, i have little motivation to study. ok, you must understand why i am so lazy to do the revision. the reason is: lack of motivation., i would like to ask you a question: is there anyone who care to motivate me right now?

p/s: how i wish that i am as hardworking as this..

Sunday, May 10, 2009

i love you, mama..

this post is specially dedicated to Madam Nik Hamimi bt Che Hamid.

Dear mama.. Today is Mother's Day..Here and there, people are wishing their mothers the very Happy Mother's Day..Sadly, I am not there near you right now..I neither can shake your hands nor hug you nor kiss you..All I can do is this - sending from far the warm wishes of Happy Mother's Day to my one and only beloved mother, Mama.. :)

Thank you for always be there for me during my up and down..Thank you for always be the one who push me to be the best..Thank you for the hopes that you give when I give up..Thank you for the support that you gave while I'm catching my dream..Thank you for your words that always light up my spirit..Thank you for opening my eyes to see my hidden abilities..Thank me for showing me the right path of life..And thank you for making me the who-i-am today..

Your love is my strength..Your tears is my weakness..Your hard work is my inspiration..Your spirit is my aspiration..You are my idol and to be like you is all that I want..

In my heart, you are the best person that I ever known..In my heart, you are the greatest guardian angel that God has sent to me..In my heart, you are the most precious gift that I will ever received in life..I love you so much, mama..Once again, I'm wishing you a joyful Happy Mother's Day..

..the queen of my heart..