Monday, March 30, 2009

sesiput sisiput..

ok..sekarang jom ramai2 dengar cerita sy ttg siput..

..sesiput sisiput..

alkisah..pada satu malam pada minggu lalu, sy dan fuyyoh keluar utk mkn malam di luar. selepas makan, kami pergi ke kedai runcit pula utk membeli roti. dalam perjalanan blk, kami melalui jalan yg gelap kerana tidak dipasang lampu jalan di kawasan tersebut. di sebelah jalan itu terdapat kawasan berumput yg terkenal sebagai habitat semula jadi siput2 yg lambat. kamu pasti taw apa siput itu kan? tbe2, terlintas idea di benak sy ini utk menggelar keturunan siput itu sbg siput barbie. ok, sy taw kamu fikir lawak sy itu tdk lucu. tp, sy tdk kisah kerana para fuyyoh ketawa riang ria mendengar nama jolokan siput tersebut.

sedang enak ketawa, sy tbe2 terdengar bunyi 'shell' 'crack' setelah sy menapak ke hadapan. oleh kerana terkejut, sy melompat dan tatkala kaki sy mencecah tanah, sekali lagi kedengaran bunyi tersebut. AAAAAAA~~~!! sumpah sy trauma! sy telah terpijak dua ekor siput dalam masa tdk sampai seminit pun. "ak nmpak siput 2 hancur. lenyek. penyek." gambaran keadaan siput2 itu drpd deep yg berada di blkg sy cukup utk membuatkan bulu roma sy tegak kerana kegelian yg melampau tlh menguasai diri. keresahan yg dialami membuatkan jantung sy berdegup kencang, melebihi kelajuan semasa sy perlu berucap di speaker's corner. sy berpeluh dan gelisah seperti cacing kepanasan. sy tdk dapat menerima kenyataan bahawasanya sy telah membunuh dua ekor siput dgn memijak mereka sehingga hancur, lenyek, dan penyek. huhu~ sungguh mengerikan. perasaan bersalah itu wujud, namun perasaan yg lebih dominan ialah geli. uwaa~ tlg la. mereka ialah siput lembik dan berlendir dan saya telah memijak mereka. ouch~!

sampai ke bilik, muka sy sedikit pucat. nafas termengah2. sy tarik nafas dlm2. buang bayangan arwah2 siput itu dari kotak fikiran sy. ok, sampai di situ saja cerita sy kali ini. sy tdk dapat bercerita lg. bayangan mangsa2 itu muncul lagi. dan kegelian mula menguasai diri. yucks~!

moral cerita ini ialah:
1) mayeeni perlu memakai spec semasa berjalan.
2) mayeeni perlu fokes semasa berjalan.
3) pandang ke bawah semasa melangkah. pasti kan jalan clear dahulu baru langkah.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

financial management.

i'm very surprised today when i found out that i've spent about rm170 this week..OMG!! it's clear that i've ruined my financial management..blame my spendthrift attitude! huhu~ i am at a high risk of getting scold by abah if he happened to discover this.

nowadays, money matters a lot. i realize it but somehow i still cannot handle my financial well. to see my money is gone without any significant is really a waste. i am so upset with myself right now. i think i have to learn how to manage my money with fara. she seems to be good at it. i wonder why am i so poor in financial management. i have try my best to be smart in my expenses. still, my money flows doesn't change. if it was flowing in, i dont mind. contrary, my money is flowing out!!

ergh..come on mayeeni. please behave yourself. please pity mama and abah who work hard to support you and your siblings. don't waste your money just like that unless it is your own money - the one that u've gain after putting a high effort to get it. understand? ok, yes. now mayeeni has understood. huwee~

so, from now on, i have to take a few steps to ensure that my financial will be more organized. and the first step is i'll try my best to reduce the amount in my telephone bill. is very crucial to do so. by hook or by crook, i have to make sure that my telephone bill cannot exceed rm80 per month. next, i would like to spend less hour in shopping center than before. once a week will be alright. let's spend more time in the library as mayeeni LOVES library. hahaha.. :)) something more that i have to do to cut down my expenses is, i cant spend my money on clothes and unnecessary stuff for a month. it would be much better if i can keep the habit for two months.

as deep as i can think, those three steps can really help me to save my money. last word from me: PLEASE SPEND YOUR MONEY WISELY MAYEENI~!! ok..that's all for now..fuhh~ penat membebel pada diri sendiri.. (=_=!!)

Friday, March 27, 2009

weekdays: over.

haha..yeah..the weekdays is over, giving ways 2 weekend..oyeay2~! let's take a glance what i've been through for this week..

nothing much happens on was the first day after the long-yet-i-feel-short shorten the story, it was a boring monday..

it was such a hectic day..after class, i went to the library with fara, looking for idea to start our assignment that has 2 be passed up on wednesday..eheh~! :D at night, we struggle hard to finish our assignment..and as usual, we burn the midnight oil until dawn..huwee~

i'm able to finish my 1st es esaimen..fuhh~ gembira suka ria hati ku ini..lalala~ hihik..after class, i went to the library again with fara..ell goes round with our behaviour..well dear..i have to admit that we are rare exotic species that exist on for we had grammar test on the nesxt day, i borrowed 3 grammar book..for the first time in my life, i borrowed book from IPIP Library..i'm so proud of myself..haha..thing goes even more weird at night, when fara and i skip our grammar class to go to INTIM..we get back to college at half past 11 and had a date with baby you for a while..ki3..

..i did love library.. ;p

i woke up at 4 to do grammar revision..but i fall asleep again after reading 2 pages of grammar book, i arrived at my dreamland..haha..naughty me! when the class started, then the pressure begin..i tried my best to revise all the topics by doing grammar 2, we sit for the i did my revision at the very last minute, i think that i answer the question quite well..nothing much to be worried..i only look forward to pass this exam, not really to score A..aiya~ bla la mayeeni maw berubah? huhu~

when the class was over, that means my hectic weekdays is over..i'm going to spend my day by sleeping..and sleeping..and sleeping..zZZ~

Monday, March 23, 2009

broadband named si kecik.

i am sick of my broadband..
and that is so true..i am damn sick of it this week..i have zilch idea what have i done to it..but this tiny little creature seems to go on strike..i can't sign in to my blog..even if i can sign in, there is no use of it because if i write something, it can't even be saved as draft..ergh~! i can't sign in to ym..i can hardly post comment on friendster..and the list goes on..

oh, si kecik! i plead you to be the old you..the 'berjurus' one..ok? your twin aids dba syg very syg very well..and you? haish~ (=_=")

p/s: should i really put the blame on si kecik? shall i blame CELCOM as well?
p/s:: thanX to my soulmate for allowing me to use her laptop to browse the net ^^

Monday, March 9, 2009

speaker's corner 050309..

Assalamualaikum and a very good morning I bid to Mr. Ernest, all the lecturers, my brothers and sisters and members of the floor. I am Fatin Marini bt Hasnuddin from TESL A Cohort 2 and I’m standing here today to give a talk entitled “If I can turn back time...” Before I start my talk, I would like to thank our Speaker’s Corner Committee members for giving me opportunity to be here right now.

Ladies and gentlemen,

We get through this life in various ways. Some people are lucky because they have chance to live their lives in a very happy ways. However, some other people are not as fortunate as they are. Nevertheless, no matter how beautiful the life that we live, there must be something in life that we regret about. That is when we wish that God would give us special magical power to turn back time so that we can corrective all the mistakes we have done in life in order to live this life perfectly with no regret.

As for me, if I can turn back time, I won’t choose to study here because I never think of becoming a teacher. My ambition is to be an engineer. Before this, I was a student in INTEC, doing foundation in Korean Engineering Program. If I didn’t quit the program, I would have been in South Korea right now, furthering my study at Seoul International University. If I had just refused the offer from KPM, I would graduate as an engineer and get the title ‘Ir.’ I just can imagine how my life would be if I had not changed my mind at the very last minute to alter my status from an engineering student to a trainee teacher.

Regardless of all the ‘if’, I never regret to be here. I had learned many valuable lessons since my first day I was here. When I muse over my decision, I found that deciding to be here is not a mistake. Life in IPIP is a bliss for me, indeed. I meet many wonderful people especially my dear Fuyyohs and my family of TESL A. I am glad that God gives me chance to know these great people and enjoy fascinating moments with them. A part from that, leaving behind my dream to be called as ‘Ir. Fatin’ never becomes a big matter to me. It is because I realize how noble the teaching career is. A great engineer can provide the society with terrific groovy machines and buildings but a great teacher can provide the society with splendid citizens, which consist of respectful leaders, excellent doctors, awesome engineers, impressive businessmen and many others. For that reason, I am very proud because I am one of the teacher-to-be.

Sometimes the decision that we made would take us to a path of life that is unimaginable. You may regret at first but if you ponder deeply, you may discover goodness behind it. No matter which path life takes you to; remember to live your life at the fullest. As the Korean said, "Haingbokhago jaju usesairyo" - means be happy and smile always. With that, I end my talk. Thank you.

Monday, March 2, 2009

social study..

mr yus walked into our class, brought along nothing with him..
"i have two news for you. one is good news and another one is bad news. so, which want do you want to hear first?" he asked..
and as usual, we preferred to hear the bad news first..
"ow..ok..the good news is that you can go back early today. we don't have class because i have to finish the audit report.."
"yeay~!" the whole class shouted happily..
smiling faces where everywhere..
the class broke into noise..
"and the bad news is that all of you have to redo your assignment. i just received an email from bpg. and the question is...TOTALLY DIFFERENT." mr yus smiled and giggled..
everyone was silent for a while..
there was no more happy smiling faces..
everybody looked very down and sad..
pity us..
i know how much effort everyone had put on to complete their assignment..
and when this kinda thing happens, they would be very upset..
as for me, it is undeniable that i was disappointed..very disappointed, indeed..
but just believe that everything happens for a reason..
may be, this latest assignment is easier and thus we can score higher mark..
(i pray hard that the task given is easy)
dont think too much friend..
move on ok? ;p
let's work together hand in hand to complete our ss assignment successfully..
wink2.. ^^

Sunday, March 1, 2009

i'll bear those words in my mind in order to find the thing which i called as the essence of love..
i learned a lot from an event that i went yesterday..
only God knows how i appreciate the chance given to be there..
i felt lucky that i could join such a very beneficial program..
it gave me strength and courage to change myself..
it lighted up my spirit to become a better person..
saying hi to improvement..
warmly welcoming the brighter side of me..

a special gratitude to:
[miss y.]
[sisters of organizers]
[those who willingly share their experience n thoughts]

[you who will to see me change, help me to change, n willingly accept my changes]