Sunday, January 25, 2009

home sweet home..

finally, after the 7 hours tiring journey, i safely arrived home..
owh..yeah..the feeling was totally indescribable..
hahaha..the feeling was great..
i was jumping happily in my bedroom without realizing there were guests in the living room..
hilanglah segala keayuanku di mata mereka pada saat itu..keh3 ;p
being home, sleeping in my own bedroom, talking to my brothers and sister..
there's nothing much better than this..
i haven't seen my mom since she was operated..
i've been feeling worried about her..
i was afraid that something would happen to her when i was away..
however, thanks G0d that she is fine.. :)
even though mama had prepared a long list of chores for me to be done during this holiday..
sincerely, i dont mind at all..
bibik is always there to lend her hand for me..
so there's nothing to be worried about..
hehehe.. :D
there's really no better place to be on earth other than my lovely home..
well, as written on k.i.'s paper bag:
"home is the place where the heart is.."
and that is simply true..


reenkyra said...

slmat bercuti.. ^_^

aPpLePiE said...

same goes to you..
epy olidei..