Wednesday, January 28, 2009

mayeeni loves kitchen..haha~!

mayeeni is on her way to be the best cooker in hasnuddin's family..
what a lie..
i cant beat mama's cook and i know i will never can..
i haven't get near the stove for almost 2 days because mama decided to stay at cik's house..
enormous feeling of happiness struck me because i know i dont have to cook then..
however, when we returned home today, i have to get back to the kitchen..
at first, i was quiet excited as i really have to cook on my own for lunch..
bibik cant help me because she was busy preparing meal for mama..

..sesi potong memotong..

everything looked good until..
''waa..aten, xd0p rase pon.."
my sis cried out loud..
how could that ayam masak kicap become tasteless..
just now it taste good.. (2 my taste bud la..hehe ;p)
i was in total perplexity..
how could that kicap ayam taste good in the pan but tasteless in the plate..
so i called my bibik seeking for help..
and then, the problem was solved..
during dinner things get more complicated..
"aten..buat kuah baru la utk ayam 2..bby kato x sdp.."
mama said 2 me..
owh no..that's mean have to cook again..
"and..tlg buat ikan sweet sour..abah nk make.."
what?? sweet sour??
hoho~ that doesnt sound cool to me..
"aten x taw la mama.."
as i said that..
the list of ingridients and way to cook it popped out from her mouth..
so, guiding by my very 'good' memory, i cooked the ikan sweet sour after recooking that ayam masak kicap..

the recooked ayam masak kicap

specially dedicated to abah.. :DD

luck was by my side tonight..
both meal are perfect..
and my family keep praising my cook..
and want me to cook again tomorrow..
wahaha..i am most content to cook for them..
mayeeni loves cooking not so much..
ahah~! ;D


dEEp_byME said...

mayeeni sudah mantap

kami fuyoohs y len da lantik ko jadi chef kehormat!
suits u well sayam..


miSs Q said...


tegarr la kmoo..
xley jadik nie..


aPpLePiE said...

dba syg:
adakah mantap?
proud to be fuyoo'hs chef kehormat..
nk sama pgkat dgn future f.i.l. da ni..
kesh3.. ^^

k.Qist syg:
adakah tegar?
xyah jeles k..
t org ajar k.Qist msk 2 bnda 2 smpai pndai k..