Tuesday, April 21, 2009

a bouquet of flower.

a bouquet of flower
as a symbol of appreciation..

special thanks to these people who were there for me during my hard time:

..my dearest fuyyoh..
..who were still there for me when the others stay away from me..
..who willingly be my crying shoulder..
..who be my feet and hands when i felt half paralyzed..

..dearie alya..
..who sacrifice her night on the cosy bed for the sake of my tight sleep..
..who care for me and my days..

..thah syg..
..lending me her ears for hours, ignoring the ticking clock calling her to bed..
..thanx a lot dear..

..izzul & shahril..
..these two boys who help to settle me down the moment i was out of control..
..but somehow i shame of you lorh..

..my abg ustaz..
..thanx for the short yet important & significant advices..

..& not forgotten my family of TeSL A..
..who did pray for my goodness..
..your prayers did help..
..thank you guys..

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