Sunday, May 10, 2009

i love you, mama..

this post is specially dedicated to Madam Nik Hamimi bt Che Hamid.

Dear mama.. Today is Mother's Day..Here and there, people are wishing their mothers the very Happy Mother's Day..Sadly, I am not there near you right now..I neither can shake your hands nor hug you nor kiss you..All I can do is this - sending from far the warm wishes of Happy Mother's Day to my one and only beloved mother, Mama.. :)

Thank you for always be there for me during my up and down..Thank you for always be the one who push me to be the best..Thank you for the hopes that you give when I give up..Thank you for the support that you gave while I'm catching my dream..Thank you for your words that always light up my spirit..Thank you for opening my eyes to see my hidden abilities..Thank me for showing me the right path of life..And thank you for making me the who-i-am today..

Your love is my strength..Your tears is my weakness..Your hard work is my inspiration..Your spirit is my aspiration..You are my idol and to be like you is all that I want..

In my heart, you are the best person that I ever known..In my heart, you are the greatest guardian angel that God has sent to me..In my heart, you are the most precious gift that I will ever received in life..I love you so much, mama..Once again, I'm wishing you a joyful Happy Mother's Day..

..the queen of my heart..

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