Saturday, May 22, 2010

hi peeps!

and it was 3 days ago.
it ended on thursday.
yet i didnt have much time to update this blog.
lotsa things seemed to happen in this virtual world when i was away.
it's sad that i could not keep up with all the latest news about my buddies.
it's sad either that i have abandoned my blog for sometimes.
i'm missing u very much, deary bloggie.
erm. what else to talk about eyh?
nothing much.
btw, this is only a random update.
so that you people know that i'm still around in this blogging world.
sorry for stealing some of your precious time to read this typical ridiculous post.
till then, see ya!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

patut lah lame xnmpk Mayeni :D

by the way, td ms mule2 masuk my dashboard, mcm terkejut pulak nmpk update Marini. with those RRRR and !!! .. :DD

yeah. bile nak fly?