Sunday, January 29, 2012

the recovering heart is crying.


i am in my recovering phase.
judge me not, please.
a struggling soul, i am.
flawless, i am not.

i am building my imaan bricks by bricks.
shattered at times,
i fight to keep it standing high.
still, there were times when it crumbled and fall.

we always want people to be the way we want them to be.
we always have this thought that people should do things like the way we did.

do note that everyone is designed to be unique and special.
we live life differently,
we acquire different lesson and experience along the way.
our brains do the same processing.
nevertheless, they work differently.
there will always be individual differences.
(e.g. people acquire different grammatical point at different level)
when the same brain do not perform the same function similarly,
what do you expect from the invisible fluctuating heart?

stop being judgmental, please?


~HuSnA ZuBiR~ said...

bertahan fatin! u have Him <3 pndg sebelah mata je judgement diorg ..huu

kak mira said... i wish!

L said...

i will not judge you as im struggling too. :)