Saturday, November 29, 2008



in this post, i would love to write my thought on happiness..happiness is something that is subjective..different people would have different point of view about for me, happiness means a kind of great feeling you felt when you enjoy your life during the moment at the fullest..

i've been living for 17 years; exactly 17 life is not always fill up with the smell of happiness..sometimes the sorrow and disappointment come to show themselves..the obstacles that i face sometimes make me cry..there's moment when i feel so weak and helpless..that there is about no one for me to turn to and lay my back on them..there is time when i feel so lonely..and darkness is all over me..i'm scared but all i can do is just let it be..
when i turn back to my past, i realize that those pathetic experience are the one that make me grow up..they teach me the bitter reality of life..they give me strength to face the future..they help me to improve myself into a better me..

i never regret my past..the bitterness that i taste is worth to be appreciated..there is always light at the end of a dark tunnel..i strongly believe in that word and as far as i have experienced..the saying is true..happiness always comes after the cures all the pain that i endure..
sorrowness to me, is somehow is also a kind of happiness..
"i wont do anything..i enjoy the pain"
i quote that from someone that really close to me..
when i first heard it, i jump into conclusion that it was totally ridiculous..however, something had happened and i was knocked when this sentence suddenly popped into my mind..he is right..sit back and let the life move on is sometimes the best thing to be done..pain is not always hurt..sometimes it is sweet; sweet to be bear in mind, at least..

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ellisa said...

i wonder y r u writin dis..
well writen btw.