Monday, November 24, 2008

this girl named nadzipah

Wan Nadzipah Maharah

this time i would love to write about a friend of mine. she is the one in the picture above. cute right? ^.^

i know her since the first day i went to INTEC. she was my roommate and we were in the same program; Korean Engineering Program. from the first sight, i know that this girl must be a very nice person. she is polite and i can see that she is quite shy. my parents meet her and from the way they talk, i know that my parents like her. (glad that i dont have any big brother..ngeh3 =p) from the day onwards, she had become my very good friend. we used to do everything together; except waking up from bed. he3..

i admire this girl. she is just 18 years old but she behaves like an adult. may be this is because she the eldest in her family. i can say that she is a very responsible person. she can manage her time and her financial very well. i salute her for that. she can stand waking up early in the morning to wash her clothes so that she dont have to waste money to send the dirty clothes to dobi. she is a true malay girl type. she talk politely, walk politely; so unlike me..hehe ;p physically, she is quite vertically challenge. however, do not underestimate her. you would better watch out. she is small in size but she has a very brilliant mind. since high school, she would score 90 marks and above for her additional mathematics. some additional information to amaze you even more, her pointer for the previous semester in INTEC is 4.28. over 4.5, she score 4.28! wow! she is my little einstein, indeed. ngee~ (^_^)

i have a confidence that she can make it to Korea next year. it is so okay that i cant make it there. i will be damn happy if all my friends in korean program are able to fly to south korea in march 2009. it will be very soon. it's sad that they will leave me but it is okay. they have their own dream and i have mine.

to you nadzipah, i love you so much sister. hope that we can meet again some day later. Best of luck in your study. If God wills, i will be coming to shah alam once again to meet you before you fly. Insya-Allah.. =)

Seoul Daehakyo; kaja chingu!


reenkyra said...

waa adore ur fren dat much ea..?
huhuhu gud2... =)
u got big bro wat...
huhauhauhuahauahua~~ (^_^)

dEEp_byME said...

we'll going 2 SA 2gther..
dat ??? nk inteprem jek..
lol ;p
ko delete post ri2 ea?