Tuesday, December 23, 2008

fate; accepted! =)

when i was young, i never had a single thought of being a teacher. although everyone around seemed to look happy with their daily routine of a teacher, i never attracted to join this career..every day and night, i work hard so that i can perform well in my education, and this happen only for one reason, i want to fulfill my ambition. [&cita2 itu: biarlah rahsia~]

Thank God that i had never failed until the day came. muu~ i was speechless. i just now that everything would be over to me. there was no way put for me to get the scholarship to pursue my study in my dream field. there's one way, but i absolutely would take it as my last choice. i took sometimes to overcome the disappointment. i was grateful that i had great people around me. my parents, my family and my friends as well. they made me smile and cheer up my day so that i could laugh again. thank you people.. :D

i was touched when i saw how my father put his best effort so that i would get the best place to pursue my study, even though it was not in the field that i had always ever wanted. he helped to apply for all the scholarship that i was eligible. i was called for some interview and i passed a few of them. my greatest supporter at the moment was him. =) hahah..that was how the flowers of love began to bloom. ^^

after some discussion with my parents and family and all, the decision was made. i packed my stuff happily. the excitement was there in me, thinking of i would be going to Korea soon. it was something that i never even imagined before. phew~

but, then, this life had been so tricky. when i just about to feel the warmth of happiness over there, with my chingu and sonsengnim, mama called me to inform that there was an offer for me from KPM. her voice told me that she was so excited with this offer. i would be going to UK and i was guaranteed to be a TEACHER. hahaha.."what is so interesting about that, mama?" guu~ i tried to ignore the offer. however, when mama started to call me each day after class to ask me about this matter, i realized that i should not say no. huhu~ so, i waved goodbye to INTEC and the Korean programme with tears. and from the day onwards, i tried to prepare myself to become a trainee teacher.

things was hard for me at first. i was glad the there was lovely people with lovely heart around me. my tutor and the fuy0ohs brightened up my day with their thoughts and words. they stood behind me and that really made me stronger. i love you guys so much!

one day, i took a deep breath. i looked around me. everything was beautiful, and i didnt want to lose them. i look at the smiling heart around me. they were too pretty to be hurt. i looked back at my past. i looked at how the destiny had brought me to a place where i stand up today. i looked at myself, looking deep into my heart and my logic. now, i know that my tutor is right. "Tuhan itu adil. Dia tdk akan jadikan sesuatu itu tanpa sebab. Dia Maha Tahu apa yang terbaik buat kamu.." thank you ma'am. i'll always bear those words in mind.

there's nothing more to be regret. i will move on and just go with the flow. Allah is The Almighty. What has been fated for me was right. so, i will accept it just the way it is. now i am proud to say that I AM A TEACHER-TO-BE..ngee~ (^^,)

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