Tuesday, December 2, 2008


one of the most-talked-about tv reality shows nowadays is 'Gadis Melayu.' i dont really know much about this show as i have watched it only once and it's only for not more than 10 minutes. ngeh~ i was not to talk about the reality show itself. i just want to said something about the title; "Gadis Melayu".

shall i know what is the criteria of a 'purrrfect' gadis Melayu? this is because my mama keep nagging me about the gadis Melayu thing..huhu~ she said i dont have such criteria to be a good gadis Melayu..aiyo~ in my identity card it is clearly stated that i am MALAY..so why cant i be a good gadis Melayu? dont i polite enough? hey, i am polite ok..and shy as well..lalala~ ;p isnt that enough to crown me with the title ' A Good Gadis Melayu'?

it is not that i hate cooking..it is not that i hate to do all those household chores..and it is also not that i hate to sew and gardening like the othe girls..it is just that i dont really know how to cook..and to improve my skills in cooking, i have spend some time during this holiday to be my adik2 cook..owh yeah..they have made me realized that i have a little talent doing this job..hehe..next is household chores..huhu~ i am so sorry mama..i have to admit that i'm lazy when it come to these things..ngeh~ ok2..i'll promise i'll get my laziness over as soon as possible..about the sewing and gardening matter, well..er..how to say huh? at least i know alter the waist-size of my pants..and sometimes (long2 time ago..hehe) i went out to our rock garden to water the plant..remember? hehe..

besides that, i also a good malay language speaker..and a native speaker of not-so-pekat-kelantan dialect..i wear baju kurung eventhough not everyday..however, you must know that i wear baju kurung almost five times a week when i was in ipip..so, why cant i be a good gadis melayu? uwaa~ :(

whatever it is..no one is perfect ok..and i not craving to death to be a 'purrrfect' gadis Melayu..i am so me and i am proud of who i am..ngee~ :D


final_fata said...

berlipat kain di pasar Payang,
masuk waktu solat jemaah,
buang kasih, buanglah sayang,
gadis melayu suatu anugerah.

pulut tetal di atas talang,
untuk dijamah di rumah cik eton,
dewasa budaya temberang dan jalang
sukar mencari yang masih penyantun

anak seol gong chan mencari kayu,
sekali terjumpa ju yu rin
jgn perasan gadis melayu
kalau berkemas tak pernah rajin

pukul lee dong wook sampai lebam,
nanti lee dae hae pulak yang marah,
jangan bersedih, jangan bermasam,
muda jadi tua, kulit hilang cerah.

aPpLePiE said...

nice pantun izzul..

dEEp_byME said...

ten abes ko kne nagging ngn sme owg lak..
well den..
kt da real gdis mlayu wat??

reenkyra said...

u hve da ciri2 wat...
huhu dulu la...
skrg xtaw...
hahha~~ =p

p/s : jgn amek ati tau =)