Tuesday, December 16, 2008

what my blog is all about?

last night, someone had asked me this question.."kakak, what your blog is all about?" herm..somehow it sounds so easy..however, as i think deeply, i found that it is not as easy as that..ngeh3..

owh~ now i also wonder what my blog is all about..obviously, my blog is nothing related to academic..because so far, there is no one asks me to solve mathematics equation or write an essay of no grammar mistake at all over here..hahaha..but then, if there is one, i think i will give a thousand thoughts to such request..hi3.. ;p

erm..as written in "applepie itu saya" column, my blog is a place where i express my feelings and thoughts..many people said that i am a jovial person until there is some people who hardly believe i have the soft side of me..actually, i used to be a sensitive person and still i am..however, my weakness is that i dont know how to express that soft side of me..i dont know how to shout back at the people who get on my nerves..i also dont know how to show the pain i felt inside my heart..all i know is pretending like my life is a rose of no thorn..such a beautiful life with no obstacles at all..ahaha..what a lie~!*sig
h* since young, paper and pen has become my bestfriend..i used to write all the madness and sadness i felt on that day..i give all my heart while writing..after i was done, i will tear the paper in little tiny pieces so that it cannot be read anymore..then, i would just throw them into the rubbish bin nearby..huwee~ the feeling afterwards is indescribable..something sure is there is no more madness and sadness..i felt just like the feeling was in the dustbin! ngahaha~ however, as my sister said "zaman sudah berubah..dunia sudah maju..", this blog has replaced the role played by paper and pen earlier..it's going to be the place where i can be myself, say just what i want, and reveal my true feeling..that is the significant of this blog to me.. =)

secondly, this blog is a place where i can jot down my daily activity and thus keep my buddy up-to-date with what i am doing..besides, this blog will keep track of me what of what have i do in the past when i read in it in the future..hopefully, this blog will still exist when i am 65..ngee~

in the nutshell, my blog is all about me and my life.. (^^,)

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ellisa said...

alaa.. u kno herbal life is priv8.. tut tut.. haha..