Saturday, July 4, 2009


i'm missing home so much right now as if there is nothing else to be done. actually, i have a lot of stuff in mind but i am currently not in the mood of working. my mind sticks at home. i can't think of anything else at the moment. so, how could i do my work?

homesick has been my good company since high school. believe it or not, i used to be popular among my friends because of my homesick. this is something that i really should not be proud of because it apparently has no relation to academic performance at all.

my home is really the place where my heart is. i cant stand being far from home for a long period of time. in high school, my homesick illness is really serious. mama has poured thousands advice to cure me but the situation is static. it is really a miracle to a lot of people that i am capable to stay in besut for two years despite of my critical incurable disease.

i used to think that i may change as time passes by. unluckily, the situation is much the same. i still got homesick whenever i have nothing much to think of or too many things to be taken care of. right now, i miss home damn much. i miss mama like there is no tomorrow for me to meet her. i miss my brother like i've not met him for thousands of years. i miss my bedroom as if it is heaven compared to my room in ipip. this may sound exaggerating to you but that is the truth. i miss home and I WANT TO GO HOME. bed & pillows & teddies..

..bby bucuk syayam..

..mama syg..


miz winky said...

pinky2x la blik mayeeni..
sume p0n pink..

aPpLePiE said...

meyeeni luvs pink as much as mayeeni luvs k.ct..hik2.. ^^