Tuesday, June 23, 2009

a hamster named coklat.

i keep my hamsters very close to my heart. i love them so much. they are not human being. yet, they become a great companion to me and farah. as stated in the previous post, they are one of the reasons why i'm willing to draag myself back to Ipoh. however, it has been destinied that 30th May 2009 is the last day i would meet coklat. she has gone forever, leaving behind her husband as well as fara and i.

fara called me on the day i went back here. i was fortunate that she died on that day. the news was indeed very saddening but it was not enough to make me cry. well, leaving home to me was much hurtful than losing a hamster. that was why i didn't cry. heh..

now, there is nothing much more to say. she has left and i accept the fate with an open heart. still, i'm missing her. although i am planning to get a new wife for jingga, i am not planning to forget coklat. she is very special with her cheekiness and unique behaviour. the emptiness that she left in the orange house will soon be occupied. however, the memories that she left for us will stay for now and forever.

..in memory of coklat..
..i-don't-know-when until 21 June 2009..

p/s: coklat disyaki mati kerana mengalami kesukaran semasa proses melahirkan anak..ouch!


miz winky said...
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miz winky said...

bby coklat survive x??

miz winky said...

bby coklat survive x??

aPpLePiE said...

dorg mati dlm kandungan..