Saturday, July 25, 2009

one night craps.

i am awake while everybody else peacefully rest their body and mind.
i envy them so much.
i don't know why i should wake up right in the middle of the night.
i am blur.
i want to sleep yet this pair of eyes is very stubborn.
they refuse to shut as if shutting eyes means i'm dead.
i should not wake up at this particular time because of a few reasons.
first, i am very sure i'll start my day late at noon.
it means that i'll ruin my schedule.
next, i have no one to talk to.
thus, my mind will start talking to itself.
thinking about this and that and finally ends up leaving me in confusion.
besides, i will be in great tense as well because the surrounding is creepy and silent.
i'm glad that this doesn't happen continuously..
or else i also will suffer from hypertension.
in the nutshell, staying up alone very early in the morning is certainly not good for me.
it has more bad consequences than the good one.

p/s: ayat skema mcm taip esaimen. (=_=!!)

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