Wednesday, August 5, 2009

i have to change.

i haven't updated my blog for a few days.
and i still do not finish writing three posts in my to-do-list.
i do not know why, but i am not in the mood of writing lately.
and my laziness is at its highest peak these days.
i have so many tasks to be completed yet i have completed none so far.
i really wish that i can be as hardworking as deeba.
spending her time doing beneficial things and be a productive person.
contrary to me, i use up my time idly - so idly to the extent that the only profitable action that i do in a day is going to class.
i want to change.
and i really need to change.
it is very crucial for me to kick out the bad behaviour of mine from myself as soon as possible.
it is totally useless to have them in me.
i gain nothing from them except regret.
it is totally worthless right?
i hope that what i have scribbled here would be realized.
it is not easy to change and of course you cannot see those changes overnight.
i am not a transformer by the way.
however, it is a must for me to try my best to get rid of my negative traits.
may Allah be with me in my attempt to be a better person for no one one can give me a better guidance other than Him.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

sjk bile ak rjen nih
sobs3..ak mls n xproduktif ok?

ak pon nk ikowt ko ar..mao berubah..mao..mao