Thursday, February 24, 2011

it's such a disastrous week.


this week is stuffed with awful things.
my life goes not only upside down,
but all over the place, in fact.
you can never imagine what i have gone through this week.

rushing back from leeds on sunday evening,
reached warwick at 11 p.m.,
just realized that i've done nothing for my assignment which the deadline was on wednesday,
pretty cool, huh?

on monday, i struggled looking for materials for the assignments.
staying at the library for 6 hours with yayash until 10.30 p.m.,
and managed to write only 200 words.
had late dinner with omma and yayash.
and went to bed.
super awesome, wasn't i?
oh yeah.
not to forget, i had a nightmare on my way to oracy lecture.
i slipped onto something which i supposed no one would.

on tuesday,
i was super late to lecture - missed one class.
atrocious, innit?
had stomach ache after lunch.
immediately returned home after the lecture,
continued my struggle to finish the assignment.
bedroom automatically became super-messy -
didn't contribute anything but helpful in adding up to the pressure.
burnt the midnight oil.
managed to finish the essay.

woke up pretty early (as compared to the other days previously).
wrote the bibliography.
killed it virtually -
just another way to depict online submission.
rushed to class.
buried the assignment at maureen's office.
later at night,
having group discussion with mint, nanad, k.ct & pain.
afterwards, squeezing brain for some ideas for microteaching.
stayed up till 2 a.m.

woke up late.
rushed to class.
no breakfast = super hungry.
the first one to do microteaching.
*clap clap clap*
steadily went to the front.
and just uttered anything which was in my mind.
lose control of the class.
until today, i never learn to be a strict-yet-friendly teacher.
i am always the super-nice-sweet-smiling one.
i just hate that.
i spilled the coffee onto my jubah.
it left some marks.
i ordered cappuccino, yet i got latte.
hurm, just not my glass of coffee.
having usrah late in the evening,
mistakenly picked up a video call which i thought from my naqibah.
ding dong!
gotta be more careful next time.

throughout the week,
i never had a proper sleep.
neither proper meal-time.
my iman was fluctuating.
the mutabaah amal was somehow neglected.
and i was emotinally unstable.

in short,
almost everything went haywire this week.

even shorter:

just hoping that next week gonna be a better one.
i'm pretty tired of all these mess.

this is exactly what i wanna do for easter.
hello europe, may i?


Anonymous said...

stay strong.. :)

kekasih.gelap. (: said...

xpe. saya tahu awak kuat. walau apa jua keadaan, masih bertahan. chill lah ^___^