Thursday, May 14, 2009

exam mode.

mock exam is so around the corner. now, the tense atmosphere is everywhere. for the first time in two semester, i get the feeling that this course is really challenging. it isn't as easy as it seems to be. contrary to the first semester, the second semester has pulled me a step forward to see what is ahead. before, i don't bother much about this mock thingy. but, as time moves on, i now realize how important the mock exam is..and the pre-mock test during es class this afternoon has knocked me and awakened me from my long dream.

since i attended this course, i never bothered about being the top student in class or getting the highest mark in test. the only thing that keep lingering in my mind is to pass the exam or any test that i have to sit. this is because i feel very inferior. i found that my other friends can use English very well. they really deserve to be in here compared to me who have more passion in chemistry than English. yes, I did love English but i'm not a master in it. i can't speak fluently. my writing is just a so-so pieces of writing. My grammar is poor and i just have no talent in understanding literature. this has really make feel hopeless and therefore, i have little motivation to study. ok, you must understand why i am so lazy to do the revision. the reason is: lack of motivation., i would like to ask you a question: is there anyone who care to motivate me right now?

p/s: how i wish that i am as hardworking as this..

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