Sunday, June 21, 2009

ipoh oh ipoh.

Why I Don't Want to Return to Ipoh?
  1. It isn't my hometown.
  2. I have to leave home.
  3. Mama is not there in Ipoh.
  4. My parents are not sending me to Ipoh. I have to go there by bus.
  5. There's nothing interesting in Ipoh other that my dearest fuyyoh and family of TeSL A.
  6. I'll be burdened with tons of homework.
  7. The mock exam result will be announced and I'm really freak out!
  8. I have to spend my own money.
  9. I dislike the room condition.
  10. Ipoh got nerdy.
  11. I'm gonna miss my parents and siblings.
  12. I just love to be at home.
Why Do I Have to Return to Ipoh?
  1. If there is no Ipoh, there will be no Warwick.
  2. I miss my Fuyyohs.
  3. I miss my hamsters.
  4. I miss my family of TeSL A.
  5. Study la..kata nk jadi pandai..uhuu~
Is There Any Excitement in Me that I'll be Back to Ipoh Tonight?
Absolutely no. I only feel excited to meet fuyyoh and my ham2. hamster.. :DD

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