Monday, June 1, 2009


grammar is very beautiful. yes, it is. it has so many rules. it has rigid facts. it is really condensed. and the most wonderful of all is that it can make you feel like killing yourself. hahaha..

whenever people talk about grammar, i screw up. i love grammar yet i hate it. i love it because it is concrete - it's all about fact. however, i hate it because those fact are very confusing. at one time the rule is like this but at another time, it won't be so. ouch~! it's giving me headache. a very severe headache. huhu~ when i was in primary school, i found that grammar was easy. i was able to catch up every lesson taught by my teachers. pathetically, thing differs now. i have to revise each lesson at least twice in order for me to have a clear view about it. hoho~ it is very tiring for a lazybones like me.

the result for my grammar in the previous mock exam remains unknown. i don't bother much about scoring a or b.. what matter most is that i pass the exam. please pray for me people. to repeat any paper will certainly be a nightmare and please know that i hate nightmare..huu~


miz winky said...

great teacher mayeeni!!!

aPpLePiE said...

tade la great sgt pn..
grammar asyik slh je..