Saturday, August 22, 2009

ahlan wasahlan ramadhan kareem :) - part i.

ramadhan has finally arrived. in just a blink of an eye, it is already the 1st of ramadhan and the muslims in malaysia will break their fest in less than 2 hours. first of all, i would love to say alhamdulillah. i'm very grateful that i have the opportunity to welcome this honourable month again and celebrate it with my family.

i have always been in love with ramadhan since i was in form 2. back then was when i learned how precious each ramadhan was. before that, ramadhan was simply a month of fasting to me. then in form two, umi fall sick. she was in coma and need to be in the hospital. we could not take her home. in october, it was ramadhan. for the first time, i experienced breaking the fast at the hospital - just outside the ward which accomodated her. there was no chairs nor table. we sat on the newspapers as mat. there was also no more luxurious variation of food. we ate averagely what had been cooked by mama, che su and che la. i learned a lot of values those days such as patience and being appreciative. my ramadhan in 2004 was indeed the most dull one that i had ever experienced. we spent most of the time at the hospital. in fact, we celebrated the eid at the hospital as well.

in december, umi passed away. nothing much to be said about that. it had been destinied by The Almighty. we celebrated the next ramadhan without umi for the first time. the feeling was kinda weird somehow. and in 2005, i sat for my PMR while fasting. it was quite tiring and i often fall asleep in the exam hall. i was slightly depressed because i could hardly focus in the afternoon and i was afraid that i could not answer the question. i complained about this matter to mama. calmly, she said to me that sitting for the exam during ramadhan was such an adavantage to me. this was the month with full of blessings. she said that if i be patient and accept the situation with an open heart, with God's will my wish will be granted. those words easily touched my heart and after that mama need not to bear listening to my complain anymore. once again, i adopted a value from ramadhan.

to be continued..

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