Sunday, August 23, 2009

ahlan wasahlan ramadhan kareem :) - part ii.

when i was in form 4, i experienced living in the hostel for the first time of my life. being away from home was really depressing to me. i remembered crying silently each time i called mama in the evening. i missed my mum's cook so much. the hostel food seldom tasted good to me. there was one day when i was late to ds. after queuing for half an hour, the food had finished. nothing much left for the late comers. we had to wait for another 30 minutes for the food to be served. pathetically, the waiting didn't worth it. we were provided with pucuk paku and fried fish. i ate only a little and that night i complained to mama about this with tears rolling down the cheek. despite of the pathetic experience, i enjoyed those fasting days in the hostel. when we were too lazy to wake up for sahur, my clique would come and gather at my place at midnight and then we'll have maggie together. i had large stock of maggie in my locker. oh, not only maggie. my locker was so much look like a grocery shop. milo, nescafe, biscuits, milk powder, sugar, maggie, or cereals? you just name it; it would be in my locker.

..among of my dorm-mates in form 4..

during ramadhan, something that everyone was really looking forward to do was representing their dorm to go to bazaar ramadhan. we took turn to go there. sometimes, we switched turn so that we could go with our besties. stroll around the bazaar ramadhan with my girls was very fun. we bought those food as if there was no tomorrow for the bazaar. and i clearly remember the most famous dish of that time - kerangka ayam goreng which cost rm 2.00 each. besides, waiting for the time to break the fast was exciting as well. however, i put an exception to the statement when it comes to the day which i had to break my fast at another villa (accommodating seniors and f2 juniors) with other few bwp-s. it was not fun at all when you were surrounded by strangers and those wild eyes were staring at you with such a deep thought. somehow, it made me felt intimidated. as far as i could remember, we only went there once. none of the bwp-s could stand those fierce eyes staring at us.

experiencing the ramadhan in hostel for the first time had carved a special moment in the diary of my life. many things had happened in ramadhan 2006. one of the special one was malam seribu pawana. it didn't go very well but that's okay because i could learn from my mistakes. ramadhan 2006 was special because that was when i learned to be independent and be a tough person. i also learned to put aside my emotion and lead life using intelligence and rationality. yet, it was not only that. i learned lots more and that made this ramadhan such a memorable one. :)

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