Friday, August 14, 2009

the nerdy returns - again.

i woke up very early this morning. believe it or not, i woke up at 2.40 a.m. - after dozzing off for an hour and half. a big thank you to si nerdy who disturbed my sweet dream. i really hate you for that.

i tried my very best to ignore all those sounds made by this fella and returned to the dreamland. However, si nerdy seemed to fool around with me last night. when i was awake, it kept silence. once i started to shut my eyes, it will come out with all kind of sounds. it wasn't funny at all okay? i really felt like cursing you last night. somehow, i wish that you aren't the islam one; for i think that that kind of your species is much easier to be handled.

after half an hour, i decided not to continue my sleep. i called mama and told her what's going on. mama was quite worried but she didn't really need to feel so as i'm getting used to this distraction thingy. i talked to her for about fifteen minutes. she advised me to do this and that and then go to sleep. although it was only a short talk, i felt greatly relieved. i didn't feel scared anymore after that. well, there was serenity in a mother's voice. thank you ma for picking up the phone in the middle of the night and helped to calm me down. :) super duper loving mama..

i went back to bed after 6 a.m. and that was actually after fara had woke up. this rarely happened. it was quite strange to see my lovely roommate waking up that early for we both were a bed-lover. later, during the assembly, she told me that she didn't really intend to wake up at that particular time. yet, she had to. she had got her own experience with suku sakat si nerdy last night.'s an unthinkable-yet-memorable night i must say.

to si nerdy:
when are you going to let me go eh? and i was wondering, where were you all these while? you haven't show up for sometimes. i thought that you have gone already. so, why do you return this time? is it because i tell fara that i thought that you have left? thus, you make this come back to tell me that you are still here. is it like that?????

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