Tuesday, June 23, 2009

a hamster named coklat.

i keep my hamsters very close to my heart. i love them so much. they are not human being. yet, they become a great companion to me and farah. as stated in the previous post, they are one of the reasons why i'm willing to draag myself back to Ipoh. however, it has been destinied that 30th May 2009 is the last day i would meet coklat. she has gone forever, leaving behind her husband as well as fara and i.

fara called me on the day i went back here. i was fortunate that she died on that day. the news was indeed very saddening but it was not enough to make me cry. well, leaving home to me was much hurtful than losing a hamster. that was why i didn't cry. heh..

now, there is nothing much more to say. she has left and i accept the fate with an open heart. still, i'm missing her. although i am planning to get a new wife for jingga, i am not planning to forget coklat. she is very special with her cheekiness and unique behaviour. the emptiness that she left in the orange house will soon be occupied. however, the memories that she left for us will stay for now and forever.

..in memory of coklat..
..i-don't-know-when until 21 June 2009..

p/s: coklat disyaki mati kerana mengalami kesukaran semasa proses melahirkan anak..ouch!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

ipoh oh ipoh.

Why I Don't Want to Return to Ipoh?
  1. It isn't my hometown.
  2. I have to leave home.
  3. Mama is not there in Ipoh.
  4. My parents are not sending me to Ipoh. I have to go there by bus.
  5. There's nothing interesting in Ipoh other that my dearest fuyyoh and family of TeSL A.
  6. I'll be burdened with tons of homework.
  7. The mock exam result will be announced and I'm really freak out!
  8. I have to spend my own money.
  9. I dislike the room condition.
  10. Ipoh got nerdy.
  11. I'm gonna miss my parents and siblings.
  12. I just love to be at home.
Why Do I Have to Return to Ipoh?
  1. If there is no Ipoh, there will be no Warwick.
  2. I miss my Fuyyohs.
  3. I miss my hamsters.
  4. I miss my family of TeSL A.
  5. Study la..kata nk jadi pandai..uhuu~
Is There Any Excitement in Me that I'll be Back to Ipoh Tonight?
Absolutely no. I only feel excited to meet fuyyoh and my ham2.

..my hamster.. :DD

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

word of wisdom.

i have one inspirational quote that i want to share with you people.
here it is:

"It is better whether to be silent, or to say things of more value than silence.
Sooner, throw a pearl at hazard than an idle or useless word.
And do not say a little in many words, but great deal in a few."

i throw myself into a deep thought about this. and i find out that it is true. why would you make thing looks complicated by saying a thing in thousand words? if you want to say something, just go straight to the point. please don't beat around the bush. it will make your listener drown in confusion and your message may not be conveyed or perhaps, it may be misinterpreted. besides, it is crucial for you not to say thing that you don't really mean it especially when it comes to serious matter like relationship or business matter. some people may be able to take that as a joke. however, it has to be bear in mind that this world is spiced up with people of different mentality and personality. some may get offended. thus, beware! say what you need to say. still, take the listener's feeling into consideration while you are interacting. unless, you are talking to yourself. you can just say whatever you want as long as only your two ears can hear you.

Monday, June 15, 2009

an idle post.

i warn you, this is an idle post.

actually there's nothing much to be written. i just feel like writing. so, i have to write in order to feed me with self-satisfaction. today, the world around me revolves in perfect circle. nothing messes up my day. from morning until now, everything is just okay. great. yeah, it's truly great. owh, no. i just remember. it is not actually so great when you have to be alone in your house. the silence atmosphere makes me feel suffocated. urgh~ all of sudden, loneliness and depression creeps inside me. the silence atmosphere allows my brain to browse around matters that carry no significant at all. owh~ it's really sickening. thank God that i don't have to face the same thing tomorrow. i'll be leaving my house early in the morning to Institut Memandu Lamar Bakti Sdn. Bhd. i have to get myself prepared for the driving test which will be held at 10.00 a.m. do pray for me okay. :) hurmm..i guess i have gained the satisfaction that i'm craving for. so, that is all for now. till then, good night friends. :)

Monday, June 1, 2009


grammar is very beautiful. yes, it is. it has so many rules. it has rigid facts. it is really condensed. and the most wonderful of all is that it can make you feel like killing yourself. hahaha..

whenever people talk about grammar, i screw up. i love grammar yet i hate it. i love it because it is concrete - it's all about fact. however, i hate it because those fact are very confusing. at one time the rule is like this but at another time, it won't be so. ouch~! it's giving me headache. a very severe headache. huhu~ when i was in primary school, i found that grammar was easy. i was able to catch up every lesson taught by my teachers. pathetically, thing differs now. i have to revise each lesson at least twice in order for me to have a clear view about it. hoho~ it is very tiring for a lazybones like me.

the result for my grammar in the previous mock exam remains unknown. i don't bother much about scoring a or b.. what matter most is that i pass the exam. please pray for me people. to repeat any paper will certainly be a nightmare and please know that i hate nightmare..huu~