Sunday, May 15, 2011

silence kills.


it is kinda saddening
when you just keep your feeling close to yourself
even though it tears you apart
and hurts you deeply inside
because you afraid no one will understand
how you feel the way you do.


Anonymous said...

put your trust. :)

fatinmarini said...

i'm trying to stand still. thanks anon. :')

Anonymous said...

sometimes we have to stand when standing is not easy, right? :)

ellisa said...

baby.. though im quite far away from where you are now (considering the bus and all) but you know i gonna be here for you when u need me. :)

NAH said...

kenape ni cik fatin? inshaAllah u'll never be alone..i may not be able to be with u forever, but certainly Allah SWT will..u don't need to keep anything from Him, since He is all-knowing of ur feelings..each pain and grief come from Him, thus only He can cure them..never feel despair of Allah's love, for He never lose hope on calling u back to His grace..if He alone is not enough for u, then nothing in this life will ever satisfy put ur whole trust and dependence on Him, and u'll see how powerful is the love that He has been holding for ask from Him, cry for Him, be sincere to Him and strive for Him, since it is only for Allah SWT we live for..right my beloved sister?

p/s: i'm really grateful to Allah SWT that He makes me to know u and to be with u..i pray to Him dat He'll make our relationship eternal, to bless the love that we have for each other and that He permits us to be together in His Paradise..aminn..


Anonymous said...

?? why, why?

fatinmarini said...


dan tibetibe i guess i know you. well, i'm still quite good at guessing game. :DD

ngee! tQ darling. jom bake cake together? :DD

yup, so true. thanks akak. i love you fillah. :)

amin amin Ya Allah. :')

err. KSE? heh.

Shahril said...

jadi, nk bwat ape?

fatinmarini said...

buat tak taw. pendam je la sorangsorang sampai hilang rasa tu. bak kata kaka naqibah saya, tade manusia tahu pun takpe. kan Allah ada? :)

Anonymous said...

*hug Mayeni from afar* :)

Shahril said...

jadi, kenape perlu bersedih dan takut untuk orang lain memahami? Allah kan ade..(:

fatinmarini said...

i love you. :)

it just at times you feel like you want to pour everything out of your lungs. but yeah, eventually it best to keep it at heart. :DD

Shahril said...

fatin marini yang sy kenal adalah seorang yang kuat walopon selalu menonton free show air mata beliao..came on tin! wake up!

fatinmarini said...

err. part free show kena announce ke? segan la beta. haish! (=_=")

ow yes. saya memang kuat. naik oblivion, rita dan thirteen tak tutup mata dah sekarang. :DD

p/s: awat remove komen atas tu? XD