Sunday, July 17, 2011

if you have rm1 in hand, mind to share 20 cents with them? :'(


while browsing through my facebook home,
i came across this picture.
and at the very first moment my eyes caught a glance at this picture,
they filled up with tears.
Allahu Allah.
i really wish i know them.
i really wish that they are somebody around me.
so that i can lend a hand to help them get a shelter,
or at least make them break a smile by donating a penny.

where are their parents?
where are their relatives?
where are the neighbours?
where are the community?
where am i?
where are you?
where are US?

this is totally heartbreaking for me.
these children have almost nothing,
except each other and God,
and petty little things around them which you can see in the picture.

this world is unfair,
so long as people keep thinking about themselves and ONLY themselves.
people demand for changes to occur.
but as far as i can see,
they want the changes for their own benefit.
if people really care,
these children would not have been found sleeping on a street!

there is so much to say about this picture.
as i ponder upon myself, i found how ungrateful i was.
i rarely say alhamdulillah.
but seeing this, i realize that even alhamdulillah is not enough
to thank Allah for EVERYTHING that i have in my life.
Allah, i just realize that i have so much,
and how shameful i am when i demand for more each day;
even more shameful when i misuse all this ni'mat to fulfill my own desires and do deeds that are not according to the teaching of Islam.

let's do something about this.
stop crying over something that is beyond our control.
if you no longer believe that the government can do something for this unfortunate children,
let us work together hand in hand to improve their lives.

if you have RM 1 in hand, mind to share 20 cents with them?
doesn't have small change? 
go grab something for them.
peeps, we are responsible to make them believe that this world still have something else to offer -
not only tears and suffering.

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