Monday, March 9, 2009

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Assalamualaikum and a very good morning I bid to Mr. Ernest, all the lecturers, my brothers and sisters and members of the floor. I am Fatin Marini bt Hasnuddin from TESL A Cohort 2 and I’m standing here today to give a talk entitled “If I can turn back time...” Before I start my talk, I would like to thank our Speaker’s Corner Committee members for giving me opportunity to be here right now.

Ladies and gentlemen,

We get through this life in various ways. Some people are lucky because they have chance to live their lives in a very happy ways. However, some other people are not as fortunate as they are. Nevertheless, no matter how beautiful the life that we live, there must be something in life that we regret about. That is when we wish that God would give us special magical power to turn back time so that we can corrective all the mistakes we have done in life in order to live this life perfectly with no regret.

As for me, if I can turn back time, I won’t choose to study here because I never think of becoming a teacher. My ambition is to be an engineer. Before this, I was a student in INTEC, doing foundation in Korean Engineering Program. If I didn’t quit the program, I would have been in South Korea right now, furthering my study at Seoul International University. If I had just refused the offer from KPM, I would graduate as an engineer and get the title ‘Ir.’ I just can imagine how my life would be if I had not changed my mind at the very last minute to alter my status from an engineering student to a trainee teacher.

Regardless of all the ‘if’, I never regret to be here. I had learned many valuable lessons since my first day I was here. When I muse over my decision, I found that deciding to be here is not a mistake. Life in IPIP is a bliss for me, indeed. I meet many wonderful people especially my dear Fuyyohs and my family of TESL A. I am glad that God gives me chance to know these great people and enjoy fascinating moments with them. A part from that, leaving behind my dream to be called as ‘Ir. Fatin’ never becomes a big matter to me. It is because I realize how noble the teaching career is. A great engineer can provide the society with terrific groovy machines and buildings but a great teacher can provide the society with splendid citizens, which consist of respectful leaders, excellent doctors, awesome engineers, impressive businessmen and many others. For that reason, I am very proud because I am one of the teacher-to-be.

Sometimes the decision that we made would take us to a path of life that is unimaginable. You may regret at first but if you ponder deeply, you may discover goodness behind it. No matter which path life takes you to; remember to live your life at the fullest. As the Korean said, "Haingbokhago jaju usesairyo" - means be happy and smile always. With that, I end my talk. Thank you.


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