Monday, March 2, 2009

social study..

mr yus walked into our class, brought along nothing with him..
"i have two news for you. one is good news and another one is bad news. so, which want do you want to hear first?" he asked..
and as usual, we preferred to hear the bad news first..
"ow..ok..the good news is that you can go back early today. we don't have class because i have to finish the audit report.."
"yeay~!" the whole class shouted happily..
smiling faces where everywhere..
the class broke into noise..
"and the bad news is that all of you have to redo your assignment. i just received an email from bpg. and the question is...TOTALLY DIFFERENT." mr yus smiled and giggled..
everyone was silent for a while..
there was no more happy smiling faces..
everybody looked very down and sad..
pity us..
i know how much effort everyone had put on to complete their assignment..
and when this kinda thing happens, they would be very upset..
as for me, it is undeniable that i was disappointed..very disappointed, indeed..
but just believe that everything happens for a reason..
may be, this latest assignment is easier and thus we can score higher mark..
(i pray hard that the task given is easy)
dont think too much friend..
move on ok? ;p
let's work together hand in hand to complete our ss assignment successfully..
wink2.. ^^

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