Monday, March 23, 2009

broadband named si kecik.

i am sick of my broadband..
and that is so true..i am damn sick of it this week..i have zilch idea what have i done to it..but this tiny little creature seems to go on strike..i can't sign in to my blog..even if i can sign in, there is no use of it because if i write something, it can't even be saved as draft..ergh~! i can't sign in to ym..i can hardly post comment on friendster..and the list goes on..

oh, si kecik! i plead you to be the old you..the 'berjurus' one..ok? your twin aids dba syg very syg very well..and you? haish~ (=_=")

p/s: should i really put the blame on si kecik? shall i blame CELCOM as well?
p/s:: thanX to my soulmate for allowing me to use her laptop to browse the net ^^

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