Saturday, March 28, 2009

financial management.

i'm very surprised today when i found out that i've spent about rm170 this week..OMG!! it's clear that i've ruined my financial management..blame my spendthrift attitude! huhu~ i am at a high risk of getting scold by abah if he happened to discover this.

nowadays, money matters a lot. i realize it but somehow i still cannot handle my financial well. to see my money is gone without any significant is really a waste. i am so upset with myself right now. i think i have to learn how to manage my money with fara. she seems to be good at it. i wonder why am i so poor in financial management. i have try my best to be smart in my expenses. still, my money flows doesn't change. if it was flowing in, i dont mind. contrary, my money is flowing out!!

ergh..come on mayeeni. please behave yourself. please pity mama and abah who work hard to support you and your siblings. don't waste your money just like that unless it is your own money - the one that u've gain after putting a high effort to get it. understand? ok, yes. now mayeeni has understood. huwee~

so, from now on, i have to take a few steps to ensure that my financial will be more organized. and the first step is i'll try my best to reduce the amount in my telephone bill. is very crucial to do so. by hook or by crook, i have to make sure that my telephone bill cannot exceed rm80 per month. next, i would like to spend less hour in shopping center than before. once a week will be alright. let's spend more time in the library as mayeeni LOVES library. hahaha.. :)) something more that i have to do to cut down my expenses is, i cant spend my money on clothes and unnecessary stuff for a month. it would be much better if i can keep the habit for two months.

as deep as i can think, those three steps can really help me to save my money. last word from me: PLEASE SPEND YOUR MONEY WISELY MAYEENI~!! ok..that's all for now..fuhh~ penat membebel pada diri sendiri.. (=_=!!)

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