Friday, March 27, 2009

weekdays: over.

haha..yeah..the weekdays is over, giving ways 2 weekend..oyeay2~! let's take a glance what i've been through for this week..

nothing much happens on was the first day after the long-yet-i-feel-short shorten the story, it was a boring monday..

it was such a hectic day..after class, i went to the library with fara, looking for idea to start our assignment that has 2 be passed up on wednesday..eheh~! :D at night, we struggle hard to finish our assignment..and as usual, we burn the midnight oil until dawn..huwee~

i'm able to finish my 1st es esaimen..fuhh~ gembira suka ria hati ku ini..lalala~ hihik..after class, i went to the library again with fara..ell goes round with our behaviour..well dear..i have to admit that we are rare exotic species that exist on for we had grammar test on the nesxt day, i borrowed 3 grammar book..for the first time in my life, i borrowed book from IPIP Library..i'm so proud of myself..haha..thing goes even more weird at night, when fara and i skip our grammar class to go to INTIM..we get back to college at half past 11 and had a date with baby you for a while..ki3..

..i did love library.. ;p

i woke up at 4 to do grammar revision..but i fall asleep again after reading 2 pages of grammar book, i arrived at my dreamland..haha..naughty me! when the class started, then the pressure begin..i tried my best to revise all the topics by doing grammar 2, we sit for the i did my revision at the very last minute, i think that i answer the question quite well..nothing much to be worried..i only look forward to pass this exam, not really to score A..aiya~ bla la mayeeni maw berubah? huhu~

when the class was over, that means my hectic weekdays is over..i'm going to spend my day by sleeping..and sleeping..and sleeping..zZZ~


dEEp_byME said...

rare exotic species..


aPpLePiE said...

proud 2 be rare exotic species..there only and only two of us in this world..untung sape dpt kami..ha3 :))

miSs Q™ said...

mayeni luv library??