Friday, March 26, 2010

this is how i perceive commitment.

in my opinion, commitment:

* doesn't meant you've got to stick to your partner for 24/7
* needs you to trust each other and be faithful as well
* requires sacrifice from one another
* needs you to understand the need of each other
* is not a green light to take over your partner's life
* is not merely responsibility, it's something more than that

well, there's some more. but these are the most important of all.
oh,do feel free to add on. :)

- the presence is not really important. because love matters most.
- i can survive without you. but the absence of your love would surely make my life a misery.


alya zk said...


wt lar post ntuk
-sense of humour

haaaa... t leh r amik supporting details kt sini je t ntuk LDV.. hehehe ;))

shayunkkk mayeeni ;D

Shahril said...

I love this post,,
and totally agree

aPpLePiE said...

haha. pandai betul ko ni ek. sambil menyelam smbil minum air ea? haha. (betul x penggunaan peribahasa neyh? kah3)

aPpLePiE said...

mr ruban lah yg triggers matured thinking ini. haha. adakah matured? =p

Shahril said...

a mutual understanding...

Anonymous said...

it will be suffocating if u got to stick to ur partner 24/7..
where would be ur own space then??

acceptance is the most important.. understand the nature way of his and accept. u can't change someone just to fulfill your needs. hohoho

melurjasmeen said...

owh~ entry ni melur x nak comment kt cni, stret ja org gtaw kt mayeeni nnt, sbb klau tlis sni panjangnya akan mmbuatkan mata kamu berpijar nak mmbaca,hahahahaha wuteva it is, i agreed with all ur points!hahaha