Thursday, April 22, 2010


25 days left.
only 25.
i'm struggling -
trying my best to gain as much knowledge as possible in the mean time.
yes, i'm trying.
very hard.

thanks to you for supporting me.
waking me up at 3 in the morning.
nagging me for sleeping too much.
giving me advice to stop wasting time.
keep calling me to make sure that i dont fall asleep.
doing this.
doing that.
thank you.
thank you.
thank you.

oh, and because of you..
i've come out with this:

the existence of mr ss (study schedule) does aid me to be more focus in doing revision.
therefore, you don't have to be worried anymore.
i can ensure you that i'll do revision everyday from today onwards.
i've kicked away my laziness.
now, i'm pulling my socks in grammar and writing.

the approaching exam is really terrifying me.
but then, i'll try to keep control of my emotion.
say no to stress!

.the end.

1 comment:

miz winky said...

k.ct nk pnjam timetable mayeeni..
b0leh x??