Sunday, April 4, 2010

a jasmine for yasmin.

at the very first moment i saw this girl, i fell in love with her.
upon my eyes, she was so beautiful.
she had that aura which would attract everybody to approach her.
yet, i was too shy to do so.

as time passed by, destiny brought us together.
i never realized how this bond was formed.
all that i knew was this bond was really wonderful.

we share a lot of things together.
we share smiles.
we share laughter.
yet we seldom share tears.
because she rarely wants to show it off.
this girl is really strong.
no matter how hard the knockout blow you give her,
she wont ever break into pieces.

this girl:
i can find a super duper nice friend in her.
i can see a dearest sister in her.
therefore, how can i
not love her so much?

to my dearest girl:
the sweetest miss yasmin azizan i've ever known,
happy 20th birthday darling!
wishing you the very best in life.
may us together fly to warwick.
may you be healthy, wealthy, and happy always.
may all of your pain be cured a.s.a.p.
may you find your mr right soon.
may Allah bless and protect you forever.
last but not least,
may this life showers you with all the happiness it brings.

oh, and remember this.
life is not a fairytale. but who can guarantee that it could never be one?

love you darling.
i'll treasure this friendship till death set us apart.
*hugs n kisses*



DoDu@HaHA said...

happy birthday too jasmine.

maaf tumpang ;p

yasmin~ said...

uikssss!! syggg~!!!! huhuhuhu terharuuuu~~~~~!!!!!! sobbs~

u mean a lot to dear~
thanx for ths special post sygg!! isk3 pji mlambung nmpak,hahahaha
i luv u sooo much!!!
adeh, x trkata2 sbnanya...
terharuuu~~~thanx sooo much dear,sooo much!
i luv u~!!! mmuackks3!!! <3<3<3

p/s: aci x nk copy entry ni ltak kt blog min???hahahahaha

dodu: thanx for the wish..hadiah???hahahaha

haris said...

Wahh..., after read this entry even it is written 2 yrs ago make me wanna know the girl named yasmin azizan in person.

Dear yasmin, will u be my friend?