Wednesday, April 7, 2010

those people.
their words are wise.
they live longer.
thus, they know better.
they say:
"to gain some, you've got to lose some."


i want to gain.
yet i refuse to lose.
i'm greedy.
yes, i am.
yes, i am.
hey, what to do?
i love everything which i have in life.
i don't want to lose any
because i appreciate them all.

i should have never let the game started.
because i know well that i'll be the loser.

1 comment:

Eind said...

dear..u dun bother what ppl said.. u know urself better thn others ryte? go on wit ur plans, n believe in urself..ur not a loser until u stop trying..we'll make it thru no matter wat, cuz tis is our future..dare to try syg!