Saturday, December 26, 2009


lately, i've found great changes in me. a real great ones which really fascinates me.
let's check them out!

*less eating.
i eat less these days to avoid my weight from going astray.

*less fooling around.
hey, this is great. it means that somehow my maturity does grow parallel to my age. no doubt. heh.

*less stalking.
haha. deep wont believe this, i guess. but i swear you. i've got less interest in stalking people. finally, the addiction which i thought to be the incurable one has finally been cured - without me entering any rehabilitation centre. but err..nowadays, there's few who have become my new target. still, i don't stalk them as often as how i used to. fuhh.. *relief sigh*

*less interest in fb-ing.fs-ing.ym-ing.plurking.
i've lost interest in fs and ym sometimes ago. so there's no blurb there. however, losing interest with the wow-you-are-so-cool-fb is wow-that-is-damn-great achievement for me. as for plurking, thank you to the bad internet connection. i've lost interest in plurking often because of it. i miss my plurk friends though. :')

there's some more. but then, i'll just keep them to myself. hee~


Shahril said...

"stalking" tu mende???

Anonymous said...


sape plak mngse stalking br tu???


ley cye ke??

aPpLePiE said...

haha. stalking 2 mcm mu duk ngintai hidup orang dari jauh, senyap2 melalui apa sahaja medium yang ada. hoho~

haha. klo ak ckp t ko terkezut lakk..hahak..
oh2..pecayalah..ak x cakap ak x stalking lgsung..cuma suda kureng..hee~

Shahril said...

stalkig tu cam skodeng orang mandi r.. best..
xpenah bwat keje nih..nak apply kat nih???

Anonymous said...

hahahak..! ko kne btau ak..

urgent tuhhhh..hahahah :P

aPpLePiE said...

haha. sengal! memang best pun. try la skali. apply di fb ea. nk apply kat maktab pn boleyh. :p

suda diberitahu kn. ;)