Thursday, October 1, 2009


tired. tired. tired. oh, this feeling is very tiring! *sigh* . a lot of supposed-to-be-excited events are approaching, yet i feel nothing.

1. 2nd Oct 2009:
the send off of my seniors to warwick. they are leaving tomorrow. sobs. farewell brothers and sisters. see u there next year. insya-Allah.

2. 4th - 9th October 2009:
trip to sabah. after hundreds of obstacles coming along the way, finally we are able to make it. however, i can't feel the excitement of flying to sabah like the other. i am wondering whether i have lost my sense or what?

3. 28th October 2009:
the staging of mov. i am in the publicity committee. sometimes ago, i was eager to produce the poster and the banner for the play. but now, the excitement has faded away.

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