Sunday, November 29, 2009

happy birthday to me~!

i'm 18 now.
this is truly unbelievable.
thank God for the great life He has given me.
also for the great love from a great big family.
and great friendship from great lovely friends.
I love them all.

::the EIGHTeen-year-old me::


to those who did wish me on my birthday, thank you so much.
i was so glad.
the wishes came from all around the globe.
and of course, malaysia.
although it is just as short as 'happy birthday', the wish was able to touch the deepest part of my heart.


among the best birthday wishes for me:
* semoga dipanjangkan umur dalam ketaatan kepada-Nya
*semoga hari baru ini mematangkan lagi dirimu dan lebih mengerti lumrah kehidupan ini
* jadilah wanita yang paling bahagia

and the best wish came from he-whom-i-broke-his-heart.
i broke your heart. yet, you still be nice to me. you won't change right?
you never care how hurtful it would be to you, as long as the others are happy.
hey, you. try to be more selfish next time okay?
[erk. boley ke nasihat org camni? heh.]


among the good things which happened on my big day:
*someone sent me birthday msg 23 hours and 30 minutes earlier than the actual time for the sake of being the first. that's really cute. haha!
*this somebody made me shed my tears on my birthday. indescribable tears. T__T
*birthday party attended by the whole family members.


the presents received (so far):
* novel lasykar pelangi - miss yati
* chocolate pudding - mummy
* birthday entry by k.qist
* birthday entry by deep


in the nutshell, my 18th birthday is perfectly awesome.
i love it!
hoping for more in my upcoming birthday.


Zulhelmi said...

selamat hari lahir :)

Anonymous said...

hak3..da besaw..! weee (:

Anonymous said...

wah org comel dh besar! hehe. jgn nakal2 .. hehe

miSs Q™ said...

xley blaa..
ni mmg miss pinky..

kek pon wane pink ke??
(kak qish garu2 pale dgn telatah kanak2 mayeni biapon beliau sudah atas umur)