Saturday, November 14, 2009

TeSL Night!

the TeSL Night has finally over.
you have no idea how relief i felt.
after a few hectic days, we finally can sit back and enjoy our normal daily routine.
i am now able to have a good sleep, good food, and good time with my girls.
the TeSL Night just now was real splendid.
i could see that everyone was having fun and enjoying the show to the fullest.
as for me, it feels great to contribute something to my class.
i was quite worried at first because i afraid that i might disappoint my classmates.
however, the joy of working together killed all the negative thoughts.
i really thanked Jamie for her last minute idea.
her appearance had lighted up the show.
she's the real heroine of the story, not me.
i was overjoyed with our success,
which was truly unexpected.
we're the winner!!
who wont shed tears to hear such terrific news?
all the sacrifice which i've made have been paid.
it's really worth it not to go to mama's convocation and share this jovial moment together with all my beloved ones.
tomorrow, we're going to jj to celebrate this success.
this is such a moment worth to be remembered for a life time.

to all TeSL A students:
i love you guys with all my heart and might.
[cheewah..klo sapa baca ni x terharu lg x taw la.. :p]

p/s: erk. something wrong somewhere wif fb. haha. 2 la. asyik sgt buat something yg x patut slama neyh. x-p
p/s:: gambar tade. rujuk fb utk kererangan lanjut,

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