Monday, November 9, 2009

mood and thought.

mood1: emotionally not okay

i feel upset because my plan of going to kl must be cancelled due to TeSL night. sobs! i really want to be there during mama's convocation. mama told me that they are going to take family picture on that day. i'm dying to be in the picture. convocation is once in a life time. later it would be MY convocation, not mama's. it won't be the same even if we take another family picture. mama tried to console me by saying that she would save some space for me in the picture. then, she'll asked the respective person to clone any of my pictures in friendster on the photo.
[uh, x menarik langsung. =_=]

thought1: mending wall is not easy

mending wall is hard. yet, mending a broken relationship is even harder. i have tried to find the solution so that everything could get back onto the track again. however, it seems to be useless. finally, i decide to go with the flow. let it be. i'm tired of fixing the wall which can no more be fixed.

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u know who i am. said...

it would be harder if all you want for your bestfriend is the best but she has injured you by sending hurtful, sarcastic, and 'menganjing-kinda' msgs simply because she is backing up a guy who has done nothing but treating her like a toy.